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quite beyond

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maximilian werkhausen | brüsseler str. 5 | 13353 Berlin | tel. 030 / 689 122 89


quite beyond - Maximilian Werkhausen works as freelance media designer in Berlin. For web, virtual reality & film.


Specialized in Wordpress-based websites. Theme Development & Design, PHP, graphics, image processing, video embedding and more.


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Design, creation, accommodations and optimisation for Wordpress (Themes, Landing Pages, HTML, CSS, functions, PHP, jquery and more)
responsive & mobile Webdesign, html5, bootstrap, framework, theme development, re-design
photography / retouch / optimising for web
project based work, hourly or daily.
quick & reliable: working on spot or via internet, email, ftp.
completed studies in media design / media art at Bauhaus-University Weimar
audio-visual media designer, Industrie & Handelskammer Berlin (IHK)


Webdesign, Wordpress CMS, HTC Vive, SteamVR, Oculus Rift, Virtual Reality, Unity, Audio Play, Leap Motion, Film, Video, interactive media design.

  • Website for Graffiti Artist Mirko Reisser (DAIM)| Wordpress

    bild-(DAIM Website)

    (DAIM Website)

  • Wordpress Development, Webdesign for "the internet of things" / bring things to life / bring things to life

  • Techbased info blog for Leap Motion

    bild-Leap Motion Blog

    Leap Motion Blog

  • Virutal Reality Experience from 2013 | DK1, Unity 3d

    bild-Oculus Rift VR: In a Distance

    Oculus Rift VR: In a Distance

  • interactive digital/analog videoinstallation.
    Minitature Set, IP-Video, IP-cam, BackProjection. "Krieg ist ein auf die Sinne gerichtetes magisches Schauspiel" Paul Virilio



  • DOO for Shortfilm by italian director Gabriele Fantoni. Italy, 2012

    bild-Doku: Über die Ebene (sulla pianura)

    Doku: Über die Ebene (sulla pianura)

  • Video compositing for Musicvideo from brazilian-based director Davi del Penho

    bild-Musikvideo: Alin Coen Band | Sep Song

    Musikvideo: Alin Coen Band | Sep Song

  • different products Lioncast, Dockin, Fixxo

    bild-product photography and retouch

    product photography and retouch

  • Videoinstallation in three parts. Project supported by media artist Julian Rosefeldt. Camera: Dietmar Thal, Dolly: Christian Brinkmann

    bild-Videoinstalltion: Running Man

    Videoinstalltion: Running Man

  • many different projects for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Unity 3D, Blender, etc....

    and many versatile media projects

Virtual Reality

I am passionated about technology, especially the development and rise of Virtual Realtiy. I am following the latest developments in VR since years. With a lot of experiences with all major VR Systems.

Having spend many hours in Virtual Reality with Oculus Rift DK1 & DK2 and with Steam's HTC Vive I am glad to share my knowledge.
If you have questions regarding Virtual Reality feel free to contact me.


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quite beyond
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maximilian werkhausen
brüsseler strasse 5
13353 Berlin

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Tel: 030 / 689 122 89

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